GoTyger 26" with 4.0 Fat Tire Mountain Bike

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The GoTyger 26" Fat Tire Mountain Bike combines rugged durability and advanced features to offer a thrilling riding experience. With its 4.0 fat tires, this bike excels in providing exceptional traction and stability on various terrains, whether it's sandy trails, snow-covered paths, or challenging mountain routes. The 26" wheel size strikes a balance between agility and control, making it versatile for both off-road adventures and urban commuting. The impressive 24-speed gearing system enhances the bike's adaptability, allowing riders to effortlessly navigate through diverse landscapes with ease. Whether you're craving an adrenaline-filled mountain descent or a smooth cruise through city streets, the GoTyger 26" Fat Tire Mountain Bike offers a perfect blend of rugged performance and precision gearing for an exhilarating and versatile riding experience.

  • Robust frame construction, ensuring durability and longevity
  • Provide exceptional traction, ensuring stability on diverse terrains such as sandy trails, snow-covered paths, and challenging mountain routes
  • Offering an agile riding experience that allows riders to navigate with ease
  • Provides controlled maneuverability, making it suitable for both off-road adventures and urban commuting
  • Allows riders to effortlessly navigate through diverse landscapes, providing flexibility in riding preferences
  • The bike promises an exhilarating experience during mountain descents, with rugged performance ensuring stability on challenging trails
  • Offers precision gearing for smooth and controlled rides through city streets, providing a versatile riding experience for cyclists with varied preferences

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GoTyger 26" with 4.0 Fat Tire Mountain Bike



You can confidently push our bikes to the limit knowing that we provide a no-hassle return on any issues encountered during our standard warrantee.

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All bikes come 85% pre-built and tuned through Intense Cycles authorized mechanics and will arrive to you with minimum assembly. 


Included with each complete bike is an Intense Cycles branded torquewrench set and shock pump, precision tools to keep your new bike in peak performance. 


All our bikes ship within 2-3 business days the Canada or United State. International destinations may vary but average around 1-2 weeks. (Covid-19 Period will longer)

From our customers


I freaking love this bike. Handles my usual trails and hasn't had any issues despite the beating it takes.

Jeremy S., California
Los Angeles, CA

Sick ride, great shock absorption, barely any rattle at all on some pretty rough tales. Can't wait to thoroughly test this beast.

Adrian J.
Los Angeles, CA

Shipped faster than expected to my place. Loving the ride so far, I've been getting lots of comments from other riders about where I got it.

Sumesh T.
Brooklyn, NA

Really glad I took a jump and bought online. Hard to tell you when you are just looking at the pictures but this is hands down the best bike I've ever tried.

Sean P.
Houston, TX

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